DoD Secure-Working with National Industrial Security Program

Determining security costs, protecting CUI, FSO training and more

September 16, 2021 Season 3 Episode 10
DoD Secure-Working with National Industrial Security Program
Determining security costs, protecting CUI, FSO training and more
Show Notes

A cleared contractor can help reduce expenses with by preparing ahead of time. This is where an experience FSO can anticipate expenses, perform risk assessment while implementing NISPOM and advise on ways to reduce costs while being compliant. The more money saved on overhead expenses, the greater the overall company profit. The earlier into the process the assessment is conducted the better the company performs overall.

It's a common practice to allow employees to use enterprise computers outside of the enterprise. This has become more common where employees are increasingly working at home. Though a common practice, these occurrences are not always best practices. Anytime an employee leaves work with a company computer, the expectation is that all information is vulnerable. 

Protecting classified material – The proper receipt, accountability, storage, dissemination and destruction of classified material. Link to CDSE training

Required training – This instruction helps the FSO establish an ongoing training program designed to create an environment of security conscious cleared employees.

Personnel security clearances – The FSO gains an understanding of the personnel security clearance request procedure, briefing techniques and maintenance of personnel clearances.

You can find study recommendations, practice questions and NISPOM links at and

If you need assistance with FSO or security training please contact me or visit my consulting site Additionally, we have NISPOM fundamentals training perfect for studying and applying to your CDC facility.

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Mission Driven Research, Inc
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SIMS Software
SIMS suite provides features/functionality you need to run automated industrial security programs.

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Bennett Institute
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