DoD Secure-Working with National Industrial Security Program

Spies, Courtrooms and Security Training

June 09, 2021 Season 3 Episode 8
DoD Secure-Working with National Industrial Security Program
Spies, Courtrooms and Security Training
Show Notes

   Red Bike Publishing is pleased to announce the addition of training. We have created a training program that includes an Initial Security Training/Annual Awareness Training presentation and much more required by NISPOM. Instead of designing your own, just download and present these. You can even modify them (which we recommend) or tailor to your CDC business.

Feel free to contact us for information on how to promote your business through our newsletter.     Jeff has made an online recorded version of the course NISPOM Fundamentals that he formerly taught at the University of Alabama Huntsville. He is available teach similar courses at your companies.

Send an email to Red Bike Publishing offers generous royalties and are able to reach over 30,000 people through various magazines,, and other bookstores. Red Bike Publishing uses professional printing and distribute through Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Barnes and Noble and much more.

Sometimes life imitates art. Just like in the thrillers that we watch or read, the evil doers seem to either be or think they are smarter than the good guys. They find loopholes that protect their crimes and there isn't a thing the good guys can do about it. Finally, at the last climatic moments, the good guys find the evidence they need to make a prosecution stick. Just like in the movies.A similar thriller plays out in a courtroom according to a January 22, 2010 Washington Examiner article called "Defense Official's Mom Introduces Him to Chinese Spy". According to the Article, James Wilbur Fondren provided three papers to a Taiwanese businessman who paid a consulting fee. Unbeknownst to Mr. Fondren, the Taiwanese businessman was a Chinese Spy. 

NISPOM Training Topics:

If you need assistance with FSO or security training please contact me or visit my co

Security Defense Lawyer
If you have had an event that could put your security clearance in jeopardy. contact Ron immediately

Jeff's Website
Jeff is available for speaking and consulting

Bennett Institute
Online security clearance webinars and coaching. Providing security training and resources.

Red Bike Publishing
Providing security clearance books, training, and resources for cleared defense contractors.

Mission Driven Research, Inc
Mission Driven Research, Inc is a growing company providing technical services to the US government.

Access Commander by MathCraft
We support the mission of FSOs, CSOs and other security professionals.

SIMS Software
SIMS suite provides features/functionality you need to run automated industrial security programs.

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