DoD Secure-Working with National Industrial Security Program

Security Certification and Cleared Defense Contractors

February 21, 2021 jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP, SAPPC, SFPC, ISOC Season 3 Episode 4
DoD Secure-Working with National Industrial Security Program
Security Certification and Cleared Defense Contractors
Show Notes

 So let’s talk professional goals, the NCMS’ ISP Certification and CDSE's ISOC are great ones to strive for.

1.  Begin at the NCMS, ISP Certification information website @ If your goal is ISOC certification, begin at the CDSE website

2. Understand the application process. There are minimum experience requirements that applicants must meet as well as administrative tasks built into the process.

3. Understand the requirements and get a feel of where you are professionally and any gaps you need to breach to bring your knowledge of NISPOM and ISP or ISOC  Certification categories to where it needs to be. It’s not necessary to be an expert in all areas or to be able to quote regulations and requirements.

4. The following are some things that you can do to prepare to fill those knowledge gaps:

a. Study the NISPOM and other reference document structure and understand where to find topic related information. Also, become familiar with key industry standard

Security Defense Lawyer
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Personnel Security Clearances

  • How to get a clearance
  • What to expect once you get a clearance
  • What you can do to prepare for a clearance

Facility Security Clearance

✓Become a CDC Contractor

✓Determine security requirements for SECRET, TOP SECRET and SCI Clearances

✓Establish a security team to protect classified information

✓Develop and provide required security training

✓Prepare for government inspections

✓Interpret Contract specifications

✓Fight Insider threat

✓Learn Security clearance levels

✓Process Classified information

✓Prepare Derivative Classification

✓Provide required Security Training

✓Appointing a Facility Security Officer

✓Prepare for Government Audits

Security Clearance and NISPOM consulting