DoD Secure-Working with National Industrial Security Program

NISPOM training, education and certification

January 02, 2021 Season 3 Episode 1
DoD Secure-Working with National Industrial Security Program
NISPOM training, education and certification
Show Notes

  We are pleased to present the newest podcast. In this issue, we address security certification and security training because; New Year's Resolutions.

 ISP® AND ISOC Master Exam Prep is now available here and at most online book stores.

Also, we've provided real world security discussions and frequently asked questions. These occasions have proven to be good opportunities to clarify understanding of security policies and the reasons we do what we do.  We would love to hear your stories as well. 

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 Have you taken the next step to being competitive in the government contracts arena? If not, this article will provide information and tips based on a proven method of studying for and passing the exam. 

Why earn a certification?

There are several reasons to achieve certification. One of which allows cleared defense contractor owners and employees to take advantage of opportunities offered in the recent Presidential Executive Order: National Security Professional Development. The Executive order states: "In order to enhance the national security of the United is the policy of the United States to promote the education, training, and experience of current and future professionals in national security positions (security professionals)..."

The National Strategy identified in the Executive Order provides a plan to give security professionals access t

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Mission Driven Research, Inc
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Red Bike Publishing
Providing security clearance books, training, and resources for cleared defense contractors.

Bennett Institute
Online security clearance webinars and coaching. Providing security training and resources.

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Personnel Security Clearances

  • How to get a clearance
  • What to expect once you get a clearance
  • What you can do to prepare for a clearance

Facility Security Clearance

✓Become a CDC Contractor

✓Determine security requirements for SECRET, TOP SECRET and SCI Clearances

✓Establish a security team to protect classified information

✓Develop and provide required security training

✓Prepare for government inspections

✓Interpret Contract specifications

✓Fight Insider threat

✓Learn Security clearance levels

✓Process Classified information

✓Prepare Derivative Classification

✓Provide required Security Training

✓Appointing a Facility Security Officer

✓Prepare for Government Audits

Security Clearance and NISPOM consulting