DoD Secure-Working with National Industrial Security Program

How to Ensure Security Program Stays in Step with Corporate Growth.

October 12, 2020 jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP, SAPPC, SFPC, ISOC Season 2
DoD Secure-Working with National Industrial Security Program
How to Ensure Security Program Stays in Step with Corporate Growth.
Show Notes

     In this issue, we've provided real world security discussions. These occasions have proven to be good opportunities to clarify understanding of security policies and the reasons we do what we do.
     Preparing for growth involves the FSO not only training and hiring security employees, but accurately calculating classified inventory storage and work performance needs. Meeting legitimate growth is another area where an FSO should be injected into strategic planning. Classified contract opportunities present themselves in many variations.
     Potential security professionals should not only be U.S. citizens with security clearances, but demonstrate competence in the tasks they are asked to do and a desire to perform. They should also have the ability to grasp and teach concepts of security to help keep the security fresh in the corporate culture.
     During the certification training, the new employee can enroll in government provided on-line and residence training, lessons provided by company personnel and directly under their manager's supervision.
       The end of day security checklists play a critical role in protecting classified items as well as personal, proprietary and company sensitive material. The end of day checklist is a procedure required in the NISPOM and other federal agency regulations. However, they could be implemented in any situation where privileged or sensitive items prove vulnerable to theft or espionage.
           "What defines this room as approved for open storage?" I had asked while consulting on a project a few years ago.    I had been in the middle of a deep security application discussion. The whole time I realized that the security employees I consulted understood their responsibilities, but did not know why the security measures were in place or where to find the guidance.

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