DoD Secure-Working with National Industrial Security Program

Program protection, new FSOs, and classified reproduction

June 12, 2022 jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP, SAPPC, SFPC, ISOC Season 3
DoD Secure-Working with National Industrial Security Program
Program protection, new FSOs, and classified reproduction
Show Notes

If you are a new FSO, there is no reason to travel your journey alone. You may recruit fellow employees to assist with the tasks. Additionally, there are many resources available to assist with FSO responsibilities to include DCSA, NISPOM, professional organizations, consultants, books and training are available just for this purpose.

Lately, contract language requires the contractor to conduct tasks in support of Program Protection Planning (PPP), Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM), Criticality Analyses (CA), and providing Program Protection Plan Implementation Plans (PPIP). These requirements include language that requires developing PPIPs, protecting critical components, developing SCRM plans, quantifying risk to the supply chain, vetting vendors and so much more. 

The ISP and ISOC Master exam prep for NISPOM 32 CFR Part 117 is now available. If you plan to test in winter 2022 or later, make this version part of your study plans.

Check it out. 

While this may not be an organic capability for most organizations, there are many small companies that can step up and provide the necessary guidance or share in the workload.

Classified information should only be reproduced in response to a contractual requirement such as in the performance of a deliverable. Reproduction should not be made as a matter of convenience as it puts classified information at unnecessary risk and it requires dedicated resources. The FSO can enforce resource discipline with:1. Creating processes and procedures identifying reproduction only as necessary and using only approved equipment 2. Ensuring only trained and authorized personnel are able to reproduce classified information. 3. Identifying office equipment, copy machines, scanners and other reproduction equipment for classified information reproduction. All other enterprise equipment should be off limits to classified reproduction.

Link to NISPOM and cleared contractor security books.

Link to NISPOM required training

Red Bike Publishing
Providing security clearance books, training, and resources for cleared defense contractors.

Bennett Institute
Online security clearance webinars and coaching. Providing security training and resources.

Mission Driven Research, Inc
Mission Driven Research, Inc is a growing company providing technical services to the US government.

Access Commander by MathCraft
We support the mission of FSOs, CSOs and other security professionals.

SIMS Software
SIMS suite provides features/functionality you need to run automated industrial security programs.

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