DoD Secure-Working with National Industrial Security Program

FSOs are busy. Get ready for performing on classified contracts

May 03, 2022 jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP, SAPPC, SFPC, ISOC
DoD Secure-Working with National Industrial Security Program
FSOs are busy. Get ready for performing on classified contracts
Show Notes

Here are the top reasons for marking classified information: 

  1. Warn and inform a user that an item is indeed classified or sensitive
  2. Conveys what exactly needs protection
  3.  Identifies levels of classification or sensitivity
  4. Provides vital information and instruction on when to downgrade or declassify the material
  5. Gives sources and reason for classifying the item
  6. Warns of special access, control, dissemination or safeguarding requirements 

Find out more in How to Get U.S. Government Contracts and Classified Work

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DCSA Review
Prior to each inspection, the FSO and cleared contractor leadership should present DCSA with a state of security briefing to introduce and go over the company security policy. Similarly, the DCSA special agent may provide an out-briefing detailing the results of the inspection. This out briefing and soon to follow documentation of the inspection provides further data toward building an excellent security program.

Pay attention to the results and apply them to make your security program to protect classified information even more effective.


FSOs should conduct initial and refresher training and file reports as required by the NISPOM. Instead of conducting NISPOM training with compliance as the end goal, the training can be performed as an effective relationship building opportunity. 

NISPOM required training that you can download and present is here:

Additionally, we have NISPOM fundamentals training perfect for studying and applying to your CDC facility.

Becoming a cleared defense contractor

The facility clearance is required to be in place prior to the contractor performing on classified work. After the GCA or prime contractor submits the sponsorship letter, the company can begin the process of applying for the clearance. A contractor has to meet five requ

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